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Friends of Madera Animal Shelter
PO Box 923
Madera, CA 93639
(559) 363-5106

FMAS Volunteer Team Leaders


Jackie Jones, Volunteer Coordinator
ph 559-232-1352

VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED! These are the most important & effective ways to save our animals. 25-100 animals are dropped off daily at our shelter and the shelter only holds 300 animals!

Carrie Tuttle, Petsmart Team Leader
ph 559-675-9952
Petsmart Teams take dogs from our shelter to various PetSmarts on weekends. Our cats are housed there on-going and need to have their cages cleaned.
Volunteers are always needed.

Rebecca Robinson, Petfinder Team Leader
ph 559-645-4258
Petfinder Teams meet on Saturdays between 9-12. Team members of 3-4 pull dogs from kennels, photograph them, write create bio’s and enter their photo’s and bio’s on a web site portal that sends the info to 30 different web sites. We have a 75-85% success rate, and members are asked to work just one Saturday per month. Volunteers are always needed.

Jessie Staab, Rescue/Transport Coordinator
ph 559-674-0455
Volunteers are always needed to help load, transport and unload our animals.

To contact the shelter directly:
Madera County Department of Animal Services
14269 Road 28
Madera, CA 93638
Telephone: (559) 675-7891
Fax: (559) 675-7617


Ext. 205: Report stray, vicious, abandoned or other animal issues that require an office to respond.
Ext. 205: Report a bite or scratch that breaks the skin.
Ext. 200: Licensing.
Ext. 201: Administration.
Ext. 202: Stray Animals.

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