Dalmatian survives near starvation

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Dalmatian survives near starvationA emaciated Dalmatian struggles to stand at the Madera County Animal Shelter on Monday. The dog was weak, terrified and near death from starvation, when found by a resident on Road 29.

By DJ Becker / NewsMadera.com
Another young, once healthy dog was found starving and near death along a roadside in Madera County. The weak and flea infested Dalmatian dog was barely able to stand and walk, and had many open, bloody scrapes and sores. His backbone and hip bones protruded alarmingly through his gaunt skin.

The frightened animal, a four-year old male was reported by a resident on Road 29 near the canal, according to Kirsten Gross, director of Madera County Animal Services. The dog has been named Einstein by shelter staff.

“The man had seen it running loose and terrified, and he had been trying to catch it for at least a week or more, before he called us. It’s about 30 pounds under weight and in very poor condition. It would have likely died within a day or two, without medical treatment, and clean water and food,” Gross said.

The dog was placed into a foster home with the volunteer group The Friends of the Madera Animal Shelter (FMAS) to provide it with individual supportive care and a safe space to recover and re cooperate.

Gross said the purebred dog was still struggling with intestinal problems and a serious middle ear infection in both ears but was eating and now in fairly stable condition. She said the dog will likely need additional weeks of treatment to recover from the severe emaciation and other medical conditions caused by the ongoing malnourishment.

“The non profit FMAS group raises money to provide emergency veterinary care and medications to animals in need. We also rely on donations of canned pet foods, and other dry foods to help our sick and injured animals,” said Gross.

According to Gross, the dog was neutered and friendly, and was likely a family pet not too long ago. It was unknown how the dog ended up running loose on Road 29, near the canal. Anyone missing the dog, or recognizing him should contact the animal shelter.

“No lost reports have been filed. Nobody that we know of is looking for him. He was likely dumped somewhere out in the county to fend for himself many weeks ago, when the owners no longer wanted him. Domestic animals are unfamiliar with foraging and most suffer, and are unable to survive long without human care,” Gross said.

Abandoning an animal is against the law and is also animal cruelty according to Gross.

“Please don’t dump your unwanted pets or other animals on roadsides. It’s a death sentence for them. They are terrified. They suffer like this one – or die slowly of starvation or dehydration. They get hit by cars, or get attacked, injured and killed by coyotes. There are a lot of ways to find another appropriate homes for your pet – ask your friends and neighbors. List them in the newspaper or on Craig’s List, and then screen the applicants. Bring it to the animal shelter. Please don’t abandon it to die in an orchard or along a roadside,” said Gross.

Gross said the shelter could also use donations of canned and bagged food for puppies and dogs to assist with the ongoing efforts of the volunteers and foster homes. Canned cat food is also always in need. New volunteers and additional foster homes for homeless puppies and kittens are always welcome.

If Einstein survives he will be placed up for adoption. Donations for Einstein, and the care of other sick or injured homeless animals can be sent to The Friends of Madera County Animal Shelter at PO Box 923, Madera, 93639.

Editors note : Einstein recovered and he was sent to an out of area rescue group when no one came forward locally to adopt him.


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